How to buy the right outdoor cushions and materials for your home in the UAE

Looking to purchase new outdoor cushions, awnings, umbrellas or other outdoor materials for your outdoor space? There are a wide array of choices on the market and just like indoor fabrics, when it comes to buying outdoor fabrics you’ll want to understand how you will need it to perform. Let’s take a look at the basics of selecting outdoor fabrics and materials.

outdoor fabric #ambargarden

What do you need from your outdoor fabric?

Do you plan on keeping this material outside all year or just for a few months out of the year? Will this material get wet a lot and need to be waterproof? The fabric you need for the occasional outdoor throw pillows/seat & back cushions may be very different from your outdoor umbrellas or awnings. Here are some typical differentiating factors between outdoor fabrics; So when you are looking for that near-perfect fabric, you need to make sure that they are:

  • fade-resistant
  • mould/mildew resistant
  • waterproof
  • weather resistant
  • UV blockers
  • stain resistant
  • permeable or breathable
  • machine washable or hand wash only

outdoor fabric # Ambargarden

Be sure you read the label of your outdoor fabrics to ensure quality and durability or ask the salesperson before purchasing.


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  • I am trying to find an outdoor fabric that matches my current pattern. Please send me your email address and I will send you a photo of what I am looking for. Thanks and best regards.


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